The National Ploughing Championships, which is being held in Ratheniska, Co. Laois this year, is one of Europe’s largest outdoor agricultural trade exhibitions. The National Ploughing Association (NPA), organisers of the Annual Ploughing Championships, have teamed up with The Irish Farmers Journal and Enterprise Ireland to recognise and reward outstanding innovation in the agricultural sector in the NPA Innovation Arena.

Applications for late entries, known as wildcards, are now open from July 2nd 2015 to 3pm Friday July 17th 2015.  Successful wildcard entries will be notified of their selection by July 24th.

Initial applications for The NPA Innovation Arena closed on Friday, 8th May 2015, at 3 p.m.    On closing date, 150 applications were received. On May 25th, 45 successful applicants were informed of their selection to exhibit in the Innovation Arena. Enterprise Ireland will now accept applications for consideration as a late application or wildcard entry.  Space is limited and therefore wildcard selection is limited.

How to Apply:

Please complete your application form as accurately as possible. The information you provide will determine your acceptance into the Innovations Arena. Uncompleted applications will not be accepted and a photo of your innovation must be attached. Your application will be reviewed by the Innovations Paneland you will be notified by email of your progress. If you are accepted, full payment is required before you are confirmed as a participant. The cost to enter The NPA Innovation Arena is €250 per entry. Completed applications will receive an email confirming your entry.

Wildcard/Late Entries are now eligible to apply online until 3p.m. Friday, July 17th 2015.  The Entry fee of €250 per innovation, payable once your innovation has been successfully selected is due for payment by July 31st.  If you are successful, you will be notified about payment details.  Broadband and electricity charges are separate.

See or contact +353 90 6487100 (9am – 5pm) for more information.

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