2,387 Venture Capital Investors globally have participated in at least one seed round globally since 2010.

A new global ranking by PitchBook, a leading Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment Platform, has put Enterprise Ireland at number 3 in terms of Top VC investors in global seed funding rounds since 2010.

The platform, which is regularly used by over 70,000 plus Venture Capital, Private Equity, Angel investors and Investment Professionals to profile global Start-Ups, has ranked the top VC investors in seed rounds since 2010, along with their deal counts as follows:


1. SV Angel (232)
2. Kima Ventures (198)
3. Enterprise Ireland (196)
4. Andreessen Horowitz (134)
5. Google Ventures (131)
Since the beginning of 2010, 2,387 VC investors have participated in at least one seed round globally, according to the PitchBook Platform. During this time frame, VCs have completed an increasing number of seed financings each year, with annual deal count jumping from 484 in 2010 to 1,943 last year. Although the pace has declined somewhat in 2015 with only 1,215 deals completed so far, capital invested has stayed strong; VCs have already put $1.97 billion into seed investments this year, surpassing 2014’s total of $1.95 billion, according to PitchBook.


Kevin Sherry, Executive Director at Enterprise Ireland said: “A key focus for Enterprise Ireland is providing seed capital to Start-Up companies and we are delighted to have been ranked third among top venture capital investors worldwide including SV Angel, Kima Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures. This reiterates the important role that seed funding, and Enterprise Ireland, plays in providing essential finance to early stage companies as they begin their path to growth”.

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